VAASAN – An international forerunner in the baking industry

The VAASAN Group is one of the most significant bakery operators in Northern Europe. We are the leading bakery company in our home markets in Finland and the Baltic region. We are also the largest thin crisp and the second-largest crispbread producer in the world, and a leading bake-off player in the Nordic countries. In 2013 the VAASAN Group's net sales was approximately EUR 414,5 million and the Group employed some 2,745 people. kartta_v2.jpg : 50 kB

In Finland we operate as VAASAN Oy, as AS Leibur in Estonia, A/S Hanzas Maiznicas in Latvia, UAB Vilniaus Duona in Lithuania, VAASAN Sverige AB in Sweden, VAASAN Norge AS in Norway, and as Nordic Bake Off A/S (a joint venture) in Denmark.

We have developed solutions to meet consumers’ needs and brought innovations to the market for decades. We are active in several research projects and the aim of the product development based on research studies is to create high-quality products that attract consumers and make use of the naturally beneficial qualities of grains. We also promote knowledge of the health effects of wholegrain and fibres.

The Group offers consumers delicious and healthy bakery products and wants to be the baking company of choice for consumers and its partners.

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